Changes to the "Real Estate Realities" Podcast coming!

As we move into the fourth year of ‘Real Estate Realities With The RebelBroker’, some changes are in the works!

As many of you know, last year I ran an experiment with doing the shows live. There were some glitches, issues and concerns and many of you shared with me your thoughts on the format. Well, I took all that to heart and went to work on making changes that would only improve on what “Real Estate Realities” has been offering its audience for over 3 years!

So what do we have on tap to improve the show?

Longer Standard Format

The show will now be standardized at right around 1 hour. Overall, listeners have said that they would prefer an hour long show to a thirty minute show. Done!

Listener Participation

I like hearing from listeners, I share those conversations with you when I can, but I can’t help thinking that you would get more out of it if you could hear it for yourself or even have the ability to call in and comment yourself. So, I have gone with a solution that allows you to participate in the show in a variety of ways.

  • Toll Free Call In! That’s right, I have arranged for a toll free number for you to call in during the show! What can I say, I’m a giver.
  • New York Local Number Call In! Ok, so I am about as far away from New York City as you can get without getting your feet wet. However, that is where the company is that I will be hosting my show through, so there will be a local New York phone number for folks to use as well.
  • Skype! Got Skype? Then you have a one click solution to participate in the show – right from the comfort of your computer desktop! Just go to the show page during the show and you will see an icon you can click that will take you to your local copy of skype and dial you into the show! Could it be any easier?
  • Chat! For those of you who just cannot bring yourself to dial in or skype, there will be a chat room available at the show page where you can ask your question without ever overworking your delicate vocal chords!

So until we can manage the whole mental telepathy thing, I think we have covered just about every way that you can participate in show!

Current Subscribers

For my current subscribers, the changes are pretty limited. All your old RSS feeds, etc. should work. If you run into any problems, let me know. The only change is that all my old shows will no longer be available via my normal show feed. If you use iTunes to access the show, all the new shows will show up there for download as soon as they are completed. So now you can enjoy the show just like you always have and still have the option to participate. The vast majority of my old shows will stop showing up in my RSS feed and iTunes within the next few days. For now, you can get at any of my old shows as usual. Once the switch over occurs, my website will be the only place to get access to the archives. I will leave those archives up for at least a month after the switch over.

Some come on out and join the show this Saturday!

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