Should the LIVE Podcast showtime change?

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As listeners to the podcast might recall, I moved the time of last weekends show to Sunday at 3PM. The results of that change surprised me.

First, I had a HUGE increase in the number of folks listening to the show live. I have been enjoying a pleasing upward trend in live listeners since taking the show live, but this last show blew all previous numbers out of the water. In fact, I got nearly 5 times the number of live listeners as usual.

This was a happy shock. The more live listeners, the greater the chance of getting calls that can start interesting conversations.

So with this development, I have decided to take this to my listeners. What time would the show have to be for you to tune in and listen live?

Use the poll below to tell me the times that work best for you. You can select all the times that work for you. Where we see the largest crossover is when I will move the showtime too in the future.

I appreciate you taking the time to participate in this poll.

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