Special Guest for Real Estate Realities on March 2! Manie Kohn!

Real Estate Realities LIVE

We rarely have guests on Real Estate Realities. When we do, we try to get the biggest bang for the buck! For our upcoming show on March 2, we will be joined by Manie Kohn. For the regular listeners, you might recall that Manie spent some quality time with us a while back. You can listen to that show here. Manie is the CEO of  Don’t Tell Me Show Me. He offers some great expertise relating to home listing and marketing that few can offer.

With the selling season creeping up fast, this is a good time to touch base with Manie and figure out the right moves for sellers who want or need to hit the market this season.

So make sure and join us at 10AM Pacific Time for this exclusive chat with Manie and what sellers should be doing right now to get the very best results as they put their home on the market.

Follow this link to get to the show page.

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