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Real Estate Realties – On Stitcher!

I am happy to pass along some great news! You can now find Real Estate Realities on Stitcher!

But why is this such great news? First, this means that a whole lot more people are likely to get a chance to enjoy the show! There are a variety of ways for you and your friends to make use of stitcher to access Real Estate Realties! Stitcher has created apps that you can use on your smartphone to access Real Estate Realities and a whole host of other shows. No more iTunes to download shows, you can access them right from your phone! Stitcher has apps for:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android
  • Palm Web OS

This gives you an easy way to listen to the show with the gear you already have! How great is that? The stitcher app is 100% FREE and you can download the version you need right from their website! I have to say that I am excited about this new way to get my show in front of a bigger audience. I hope that this makes it easier for you to enjoy the show and share it will others.

Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated

I know, I know. There has not been a show in two weeks. What is up with that? Well, eventually everyone goes on vacation and I found myself doing just that over the last two weeks.

I had planned on doing shows while I was here on the lovely island of Oahu, Hawaii. However, the internet connection took a header, so doing a live show where I could take calls was not in the cards. In all honesty, I did have a couple of backup plans I could have put into effect to put out a show or two. Instead, I embraced the Hawaiian Local attitude of “Laters” and lounged on the beach and swam with my boys instead.

No worries tho. The RebelBroker will be back in the saddle this Friday with a show.

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