Show notes – Sunday, Jan 13 2013


Real Estate Realities Podcast

I hope everyone enjoyed the show on Sunday. We wandered into some areas I had not planned to go, but I think it was a good time.

In fact, if I recall correctly, this was the first time we got any grief from a caller. It seems like we should commemorate the event in some way. Maybe an “Asshat Salute” to all those that take the time to call in to shows with one stupid idea that sounds funny at the time or another. The two calls came in at the end of the show and I could tell by how they showed up in the call que that we were likely going to have some guys who were not really interested in talking about the topic, but I went with it anyway.

We spent the show talking about a variety of issues, including how rent and inflation have mingled to actually result in a net decrease in your income – even if you got a raise. I was doing some reading this morning and see that even without the costs of rent and inflation, payroll taxes have gone up enough this month to erase all income gains over 2012. So no matter how you slice it, you most likely got a pay cut – even if you got a raise! Ain’t life grand?

I also mentioned on Sundays show that I am looking for a few things from listeners.

  • Give me your questions and stories about real estate! I am working on a project and I want to get an idea of all the things that confuse and confound folks most about real estate.
  • I am still looking for a new intro for the show! Send me your ideas for songs and for intro quotes .

Also, I am integrating Facebook more into the show. You will see all show notes and other info getting posted there as well as on this site. You can find the show page on facebook here.

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