How about no down loans? Yeah, they are back.

PLUS! New ways to get the show!

Just when you thought things could  not get any more nuts, they did. We have talked about the 3% down loans. We have talked about the 1% down loans. But hey, why stop there! Now we can talk about the NO DOWN loans! It’s not like those kinds of lending policies caused us any trouble in the last decade or so! When you take into consideration all the things we have learned over the last few months, it becomes very clear that we should all be extremely concerned about this trend.

Don’t forget, a few weeks back we covered the story about how credit scores were being modified. You can check out that show here, where we discuss how these new ways of coming up with a credit score is like basing them on things that don’t have anything to do with actual credit. But even then, these lenders are saying that if buyers don’t have the needed credit score, they will look at “alternative credit information”. Well that just sounds dandy! Remember, once these loans get created, they WILL get sold off to the government and YOU will be on the hook for any losses through your tax dollars.

In other news, I have added two new ways to get access to the show. For those that have a deep and abiding love for YouTube, you can now find each show being published there. Prefer Tumblr? Great! You can now find all the shows posted there!

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