Homebuilder Confidence Dips in January

Homebuilder Confidence, FHA Mortgage Insurance and Student Debt on todays show

homebuilder confidenceIt turns out that the department of education DRAMATICALLY under reported the number of college graduates that have defaulted on their student loans. This will potentially have a huge impact on what we can expect from these folks in terms of their decision to attempt to buy a home. Since this is data covering 7 years, this means that this is already out in the real world and if the trend continues, could hold buyers back for a very long time.

We will also talk about possible changes to the upcoming reduction in FHA mortgage insurance that we talked about on this show a while back. You can find more on this topic in last weeks show where we talked about the plan to reduce the FHA mortgage insurance.

Finally, homebuilder confidence took a bit of a dip. We will consider that and some other info that may give us a clue on what to expect in terms of new construction in 2017.

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