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For my long time listeners, you know how I feel about eminent domain. In todays show, we will get a bit of a refresher course on what eminent domain is. What it is used for and how it is abused. Everyone from buyers, sellers, investors and entrepreneurs should care about eminent domain. It is easy to try and take comfort¬†in the idea that the odds are that it won’t happen to you, but an injustice allowed to one of us is an injustice committed against all of us.

What makes this topic even more relevant today is that there is one presidential candidate that has made his feelings on eminent domain very clear. So we will also explore Donald Trumps involvement with eminent domain. How he has praised its use and made use of it to remake the world more to his hearts desire.

Don’t miss this one, it’s a goodie.


Lumber is one of those great numbers that you can use to get a read on what is going on with construction in the coming months. This time around, we examine how the drop in lumber prices is likely to effect the kind of construction we see in the next quarter or two. We will examine what buyers, sellers, investors and entrepreneurs should expect given the latest numbers.


We will add 1 and debunk a few others!

It is always interesting to come across articles in the popular media that talk about real estate issues. So often, they only get it partly right. In this case, some well intentioned folks came up with a list of 7 myths of home buying and got some of it wrong or missed the mark by a bit. Lets review them and see what they got wrong and what they got right!

We just saw a huge spike in foreclosures in the eastern united states that is breaking all kinds of records! Todays show talks about how entrepreneurs, buyers, sellers and investors should react to this news. Should we worry or look at this as a chance to purchase a home? What about current home inventory? Will this uptick in foreclosures effect property values?

The important thing is that this represents a limited time opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and first time buyers! This jump goes way beyond what investors in those markets can handle, but that will not last long! If you have the resources or can work quickly, this could represent an AMAZING opportunity for you to acquire a property at a great price!

Todays show is going to go over some of the key questions to ask yourself when you are considering renting or buying your home. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor or just want to own your own home, these are questions you need to consider in order to choose wisely when it comes to the decision to buy or rent. Most important, as is true with so many things in life, you need to think a little bit outside the box to get the best results from this evaluation of whether or not to buy a home or rent one. You need to consider what things you need and want in your life to make your day to day existence.

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