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Deciding on your real estate goals

We have explored how to make time for your goals, how to pick your goals and how to create a plan to achieve them. In todays show, lets talk about some of your options for real estate goals! No matter what your are interested in, we can create a set of actions you can take to make that goal in real estate a reality!

Achieving those goals! – Day 3 of the success series

We have discussed how to make time, how to use that time to create your goals. Now lets explore the specifics of how to make these goals happen!

Of course, we will talk about some of the more accepted methods, but like always, the RebelBroker will sprinkle a little magic in there to spice things up!

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Goal Setting – Day 2 of the success series!

Just like building a house, the foundation is critical to success! You need to build your foundation on well considered goals! The process I am going to suggest is a little off the beaten path, but I think you end up with better results and a higher probability of settling on goals that you can actually stay motivated about!

Remember, I am always interested in hearing how a show has helped you. I would love to hear back from listeners about how these techniques have worked or not worked for you so that I can make improvements moving forward for everyone to benefit from. Have you created your goals? Do you already do it? Do you track them daily and update the status? If so, let me know what techniques work best for you to stay on track!

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Finding Time – Day 1 of achieving your success!

Welcome to Day 1 of my Finding Your Path To Success series! No matter what is going on with you and your life, this series is going to discuss a strategy that I have seen work with many successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors. On day 1 we discuss the absolute basics. Do you have the mindset to move forward? If not, are you willing to embrace some new thinking? How can you create time in your day to dedicate toward achieving your goals? All this is covered in today show!
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Has real estate been DOOMED by todays employment numbers?

There are times when it is all good and times when it is all bad. Unfortunately, today it is all bad. Virtually ever single number that means anything to the economy and to real estate was bad today. Of course, those numbers do not stand alone and will dictate what we can expect from the housing market,lenders and the Fed for months to come.

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