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What every first time buyer should know!

First time buyers are entering into a world of the unknown! There are plenty of things first time buyers should be aware of but so many of them are not. Everything from costs, to knowing what to expect from home inspections and lenders. In todays show we are going to cover a good chunk of what any first time buyer should be including on their list of things to look out for!
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10 Awesome ways to save without feeling the pain!

One of the biggest issues facing buyers – or anyone trying to achieve a goal that involves needing money – is saving for that downpayment.

In todays show we are going to reveal 10 fantastic techniques for saving money that will help you stockpile money like a Ninja! You won’t even feel the pain as you see your savings account swell!

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September the BEST month for buyers in 2015?

The numbers are in at and it’s time to see how September has stacked up for buyers! Plus, that data tells us what the top 20 markets in the nation are this month. Are any of them in your backyard? If so, there could be a great opportunity right around the corner in your community!
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Do government changes spell BIG changes for real estate?

John Boehner announced that he is going to retire from the House in October. This is HUGE news and spells the end of a relatively passive house of representatives. One of the folks being looked at as a possible replacement for Speaker Boehner not only cries a whole lot less, but also has an interesting record on housing, lending and government sponsored entities policy. His ideas could really shake things up!

Today we will take some time to discuss what he has suggested in the past and consider what it might mean for real estate!

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Are we making the same mistakes again?

It is absolutely crazy to think that we have learned NOTHING from the real estate downturn. However, some recent info shows that subprime lending is not only back, but it is growing. Plus, it is being put into investment portfolios… again!

Californias recent numbers and some amazing data on first time buyers will blow your mind and might just give you a sense of deja vu –  and not in a good way!


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