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Pick an investment market for a future visit!

As I mentioned in my last show, I am going to take things on the road and check out one of the hot real estate investment markets that I discussed last Sunday. So here we go, lets hear where you want me to look into making an investment!

Once a location has been selected, I will do a special series of shows on the process I use to find an investment property in that area! I will take you along with me through the entire process!

Walkthrough of 2655 Church Ave, San Martin

As promised in last weeks show, I am sharing the various elements that go into getting the best bang for the buck in marketing your property. These are things that all agents should be doing, to one degree or another, to get your property in front of as many people as possible.

In my case, I created a website specifically for the property. You can check that out at  When a site like this is created, it should be optimized for desktop and mobile device usage.

While a video tour is not always mandatory, I did go with one this time. It is at the site and also here:


The key is to give interested viewers the motivation to take the next step and view the property. The only way to do that in a way that works is to really show them what the property has to offer. This does not mean you mislead viewers. By setting realistic expectations, the folks who end up at the property are more likely to become buyers.

Now it helps that this particular property is pristine. There was no need for me to jump through many hoops on this one to make it ready for showing. This is also an area that agents will often trip on as they are willing to put properties that are just not ready to be shown up on the market. This will work if you are aggressively underpricing the home, but otherwise it is just going to cause grief for everyone.

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