Contact The RebelBroker!

emailThanks for taking a moment to reach out! Feel free to get in touch about anything you would like my feedback on. However, here are some ideas!

  • Do you want to buy, sell or invest in real estate in the Silicon Valley area? Then reach out to The RebelBroker and we can work together to make your goals come true!
  • I am searching for stories – YOUR stories! I want to hear about your successes AND your failures in your path toward financial independence! I may be a real estate guy, but I don’t just want real estate stories. The truth is that there are many paths to success, but many of the lessons we learn along the way are useful no matter what your end goal is.
  • Is there something in real estate that confuses you? Maybe you just read an article that you think could be a big deal in the world of real estate? Then use this form to reach out!

I would also love to be able to contact you to thank you for bringing your story to me – maybe even interviewing you for my show! If you would rather stay anonymous, I totally understand and will respect that.

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