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Existing home sales jump in January!

Existing home sales may be up, but the reason is up for debate

home salesExisting home sales took a big jump in January, but I am going to offer an alternate explanation than what the press seems convinced of. Plus, we can also talk about mortgage applications – since that is one way to tell the future a little bit in terms of sales over the next month or so.

All cash deals have increased. We will discuss that a bit. We will also review some investment advice I gave out back when all the talk was about the Olympics and the opportunities presented by that.

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12 Suggestions for Buyers from a millennial

PLUS: Post Olympics property investment?

An interesting article was posted over at lifehacker the gives some eye opening insights into what a millennial thinks about buying real estate. It contradicts some of what we have been told millennials are looking for but also gives some good suggestions that we will review in todays show.

We will also take a few minutes to discuss overcoming the fear relating to moving forward with your goals in real estate. We can talk about numbers and research all we want, but we also have to overcome whatever emotional thing we each face that is getting in our way. I share what I think mine was and how I handled it.

Some have suggested that there could be some great deals on real estate in Rio after the olympics. I don’t think it is quite that simple and we will discuss this subject.

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