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Features for Baby Boomers That Make You Money!

Increase the value of your property with features baby boomers will love

baby boomersWhile millennials have tended to take center stage in terms of who will be the biggest buying group – we need to keep in mind the baby boomers.

Baby boomers continue to be a growing segment of the buying community and in some areas they dominate the market. Knowing the features that will attract the baby boomer buyers will help you market to this growing demographic. However, do you need to do this at the expense of how much millennials will be drawn to your property? In todays show, we are going to look at how we can absolutely appeal to baby boomers without losing ANY of our appeal to other potential buyers. In fact, some of the suggestions in todays show will improve the desirability of your property across the board – if you do it right!

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Tidal wave of buyers ahead?

PLUS: Baby Boomers Are Doing This Differently

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 8.15.16 PMWe have talked before about how millennials have changed their habits in the world of real estate. Well, baby boomers are doing it too. Lets take some time to look into what has changed in terms of what baby boomers are up to in real estate.

We will also talk about a predicted boom in buyers in 2018. The last thing we need is a surge in buyers and it is starting to look like we will see their numbers increasing right up until this predicted surge in 2018.

We will also offer a possible solution to win against all cash offers.

Also, the show is now available on iHeartRadio! If you you are a fan of iHeart – make sure to check it out! Just do a search on “real estate realities” and the show should come right up!

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Big Shift In Boomer Housing Preferences?

PLUS: Effects Of “Free” MLS Listing Offers

Some interesting data is coming from the folks at Freddie Mac about the future housing preferences of baby boomers. Those are the folks in the 55+ category and apparently, the vast majority of them are sure they are going to end up being renters.

This presents a huge opportunity for investors and real estate entrepreneurs who want to be ready when that kind of demand hits markets where baby boomers are most likely to go.

We will chat about the top things they will be looking for – not just what the folks at Freddie think – but some suggestions from the Rebelbroker too!

We will also chat a bit about a recent email from a listener who wanted to know about the impact of real estate brokerages that offer “Free” entries in the MLS.

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