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The media is now celebrating ‘Record High Credit Scores’

We have record high credit scores – this is NOT a good thing.

Get ready folks. You are about to see tons of headlines about how awesome it is that we are experiencing record high credit scores. They will talk about how it will help grow the economy and how it will make everything wonderful. Sadly, this is not the case and it is the same basic phenomenon that got us into trouble the last time. It all feels so similar to those days that I keep looking around to see if there is still a Bush in the White House or if Nickelback has to top hit on the charts.

Some past shows that might be a good follow up to this one!

Alternative Credit Scores – That Ignore Credit

Measuring credit by not measuring it Just when we thought the crazy train could not pick up any more speed – Congress starts pushing the idea that Fannie and Freddie should change the model they use to evaluate the credit worthiness of borrowers. Of course, when you read what you want to do, …

How about no down loans? Yeah, they are back.

PLUS! New ways to get the show! Just when you thought things could  not get any more nuts, they did. We have talked about the 3% down loans. We have talked about the 1% down loans. But hey, why stop there! Now we can talk about the NO DOWN loans! It’s …

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