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Good News In The Employment Numbers!

It has been a long time since the employment numbers looked this good

unemployment numbersFor years now we have been talking about the employment numbers. Plenty of games have been played over the years with how they are calculated. Plus, we have been finding that the kind of jobs being created are not what we would hope for. Well, the most recent employment numbers are actually telling an encouraging story – and I could not be happier to be able to finally share a happy opinion when it comes to employment! After all, if you want a healthy real estate market, one of the things you need to start with is a good employment market.

We will also talk about the odds of the Fed doing a rate hike in March.  Not all the news is entirely good. We have some numbers on the average size of debt being taken on and some other lending trends that are also likely to make things worse before they make it better.

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Are Loans Killing Our Real Estate Market?

Tons of debt is forcing many to delay real estate goals.

We have spent some time talking about the changing make up of the buying public. One of the areas that is feeding this change is the ever increasing amount of debt that graduates are saddled with after completing college.

In fact, graduates today are saddled with over 3 times MORE debt today than folks who graduated just 10 years ago! This can mean a huge change to when these folks decide to make their real estate purchases. We will also relate this topic to previous stories we have covered that attempt to examine what keeps millenials sitting on the side lines when it comes to real estate.

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Did A Coal Mine Canary Just Kick The Bucket?

PLUS: Fastest ways to improve your credit score

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400The old reliable canary. Way back in the day, you took one into a mine with you so that if the air got fouled, the canary would keel over first and warn you to bad things afoot! In the wonderful world of real estate, I like to keep my eye on a variety of markets that kind of serve as a different kind of canary. One that hints at bad things coming in the world of real estate for buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs. Today we will talk about some interesting news out of one of those areas and see what we can learn from a very interesting turn of events.

We will also talk about your credit and ways to get to work repairing it fast.

There is also more data on how much prices have increased. It’s as crazy as usual, but we will look at the numbers.

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What we learn from cities with the highest and lowest credit scores!

Some practical uses and what it tells about trends!

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400Credit scores are not sexy, but they can be useful in a variety of ways. Of course, they can tell you how credit worthy you are, but what about the averages for entire communities? There are some neat marketing uses for that data, plus the trends can tell us what direction economies are headed.

Of course, not all of the info involved is just the credit score. Looking into total debt, number of credit cards, total credit card debt all can help get a better picture of the economic health of communities. That is good info that any buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur can benefit from! In todays show, we will cover the best and worst of the average credit ratings for cities across the country. We will discuss what we can learn from it and how it might just help you in getting your home sold! It can also help buyers get an idea of where they stand compared to other borrowers in the same community.

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Debilitating debt bubble coming?

More than just mortgage debt might be forming a bubble!

We have talked quite a bit about the return of subprime lending and what a concern that is for the future health of the real estate market. However, debt in general can have a huge influence on our ability to achieve our goals in and out of real estate. In todays show, we will look a couple of other areas where debt has gone crazy and might result in another bubble that we all have to recover from.

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