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Is this what will kill our market?

A look at some very scary bank stuff

Today we are looking into something that I have been tracking for a while. The big scary word to connect it all is Derivatives. What is really nuts is that these derivatives sound amazingly like the same instruments that caused us so much trouble in the real estate bubble. The financial crater could be HUGE as derivatives make up hundreds of TRILLIONS of dollars and what is worse is that all the big banks are heavily invested in them. So we will take some time to try to understand what they are, who are using them and what kind of risk they represent to our economy and of course, our real estate market.

I realize that this topic is kind of out there, but I like to try and point out what I think are potentially the biggest threats to your prosperity and this definitely qualifies.

We will also talk about some fresh off the presses numbers for Houston that will be an interesting addition to what we talked about yesterday.

Plus, another drop in the modification rate at fannie and freddie that some of you may be able to take advantage of!

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Are mortgages really hard to get?

PLUS:  Debt forgiveness for a really small set of folks

We have got record low interest rates right now. There are some claiming that despite this fact, it is difficult for buyers to qualify for mortgages. I am not sure that this is true and in todays show, I am going to offer an alternative explanation for why we are seeing the discrepancy between loan origination and mortgages.

We will also discuss another program from some of the government sponsored entities – Fannie and Freddie – in which they are planning to provide loan forgiveness for some very specific borrowers who are delinquent on their mortgages. We will discuss the criteria in case any of my audience thinks they might qualify. We will also take a minute to discuss whether or not these kinds of programs make sense.

Finally, we will take some time out to discuss the things one public figure believes are the keys to achieving success.

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Are we making the same mistakes again?

It is absolutely crazy to think that we have learned NOTHING from the real estate downturn. However, some recent info shows that subprime lending is not only back, but it is growing. Plus, it is being put into investment portfolios… again!

Californias recent numbers and some amazing data on first time buyers will blow your mind and might just give you a sense of deja vu –  and not in a good way!


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Morning Bell: What if Fannie and Freddie Were Eliminated?

In a new paper from The Heritage Foundation, A Housing Market Without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Effect on Home Prices, Nahid Anaraki reports that this “fueled an excessive expansion of credit in the housing sector, shifted the demand for real estate
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