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Delaying foreclosure process, smart or not so much?

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif. wants to pass a bill that will end up delaying the foreclosure process

Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of Rep Waters. In fact, if you look back on her political history, a whole lot of what got us in trouble last time can be laid at her feet. Now she wants to make it harder to work through foreclosures that relate to FHA. Of course, you can bet she will try to have that apply to Fanny and Freddie as well – which accounts for the vast majority of loans out there. This could be a really bad thing and we will chat about its likely effects.

Plus, we cover some of the latest news relating to home prices, bidding wars and how half the markets out there are going nuts!


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Podcast: FHA facilitating the next foreclosure boom?

In this weeks show we will spend some time looking into how the practices of the FHA are actually creating a new pool of possible foreclosures.

The market and the news seems very short sale focused these days. We will get up to date on that.

A new segment has been added to todays show. Each week we will explore – live – the worst recent listings. A little something we like to call “The Listings of Shame”. Is a real estate agent doing their job when a multi-million dollar home has only 1 photograph in the MLS? I don’t think the seller would think so.

Here is the image I mentioned during the show as well:


We also cover the resurgence of bidding wars and how some are saying prices will not recover. All that and more on this weeks show!


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Real Estate Realities Live Podcast – April 20, 2012

In this weeks show we say good-bye to a loved family friend.  On Thursday I attended a memorial service for Michael Heavyside. The world is poorer for his loss and I hope we all take the time to reflect on the people in our lives that we would miss when they are gone.

We also take a look at the latest news.  We also have some fresh off the presses info from my inside source in the Bank of Americas short sale and borrower to tenant programs.

There have also been some indications in the economy at large that things are slowing down. We will look at those items and see how they would likely effect the real estate world.

Short sales are outnumbering foreclosures. This is actually good news and it is starting to look like banks are starting to realize how stupidly they have been shooting themselves in the foot regarding short sales – and it only took about 3 years for them to figure it out!

Also the folks at FHFA have issued some short sale approval guidance.

Check out this weeks show for all that and more

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