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Trump talks real estate changes

Plus homeowner price expectations and foreclosures

foreclosureThe Trump team spent some time talking about their goals relating to some real estate issues since yesterdays show. We will take some time to review the latest info.

Also, an interesting statistic on foreclosures came out. Definitely worth thinking about. Homeowners are getting closer to correctly estimating their properties value when compared to appraisals – at least in general. We will review the areas where sellers are overestimating and underestimating by the biggest margins.

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Cities Buying Unpaid Mortgages?

PLUS: Rental Rates vs. Household Income

$8,000 Home Buyers CreditNew York is putting up millions to by unpaid mortgages. The hope is to come up with solutions that keep folks in their homes. The problem is that there are other ways to move that goal forward without committing the taxpayers money. We will take a look at the program and see if we can figure out if it makes sense or if there are other ways to achieve the goals.

We will also take a look at the difference between household income and rents since 1960. The numbers are pretty shocking and we can come to some interesting conclusions based on the numbers.

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Top 5 Reasons Homes Are Still Underwater

PLUS: New York Is Lending Money – For Free!

Welcome to it folks! Today we will start with a little discussion of the choices I have been making in my own search for my perfect next property. Building on a lot continues to work the best on paper, but I also continue to keep my eye out for the perfect existing single family home opportunity. On some weird level, I really like the idea of buying an older home – I mean really old – like from 1910. I just love the feel of some of those old places and there are a few neighborhoods tucked around my area where you can find homes of that vintage. Maybe I am nuts, but they make me smile.

Plus, the state of New York is loaning money… for free. We will chat about the reasons why and where the money came from.

Also, we will talk about the top 5 reasons why some homes remain under water. I was actually surprised to learn that there were still so many homes where owners owed more than the home was worth. The reasons why they are under water in many cases was even more eye opening and could be great indicators for buyers and investors who are looking to find homes to get involved with.

Yesterday was our last day for the weekly poll. Frankly, there were too few participants in that poll to come up with any sexy conclusions. This week, we will ask the question, “Should the state be providing interest free loans to only certain individuals?”.

This weeks poll!

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Top markets and some great REO opportunities are still out there!

Judicial vs. Non-Judicial States are still offering opportunity!

A great report came out from the good folks at ProTeck Services. Some great insights were found that show that there are still great opportunities out there for buyers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs. Of course, sellers can also benefit from this data by seeing how the information for their area overlaps with any market analysis that their real estate person might have done for them. It might just give you some insights that will help you improve your marketing for your home.

While REO or Foreclosure properties have pretty much worked through the system here in California, they are still out there and presenting great opportunities for buyers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs. We will even chat about two examples in California that show that even here on the west coast, some of these great gems can still be found. The real opportunities might just be found scattered across the country in Judicial and Non-Judicial states alike – depending on how far along different areas are in working through the supply of foreclosed homes. Todays show is a red hot example of how great deals can still be had out there that can be used to help you start your real estate empire – or just get you the best possible deal on your new home!



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Foreclosures spike 66%! Disaster or opportunity?

We just saw a huge spike in foreclosures in the eastern united states that is breaking all kinds of records! Todays show talks about how entrepreneurs, buyers, sellers and investors should react to this news. Should we worry or look at this as a chance to purchase a home? What about current home inventory? Will this uptick in foreclosures effect property values?

The important thing is that this represents a limited time opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and first time buyers! This jump goes way beyond what investors in those markets can handle, but that will not last long! If you have the resources or can work quickly, this could represent an AMAZING opportunity for you to acquire a property at a great price!

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