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States With The Best Economic Outlook!

PLUS: Luxury Markets Continue To Get Battered!

A new report has come out that ranks the competitiveness of all the states. It is using 15 different metrics to sort out which states present the greatest level of opportunity to its residents. We will check out the best and the worst on this list to see if we can’t find areas of opportunity that will feed the need for aspiring real estate investors, entrepreneurs or just buyers looking for a great state to build a successful career.

We will also take some time to review some new data that shows the decline in the luxury market is just picking up steam.

The latest lumber data is good news and might just point to an increase in new homes in the coming months!

We will also quickly review an article on the best ways to score a deal in real estate. But don’t get too excited, these are some pretty weak and/or obvious suggestions – with one exception!

Foreclosures have dropped to their pre-downturn levels!

A little bit more data on consumer confidence will dove tail interestingly with similar information we have covered in previous shows.

Home prices in San Francisco actually dropped!

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Let’s Talk About Some Great Real Estate Apps!

Some Spring Changes That Might Not Help You Sell Your Home!

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400There are tons of real estate apps you can get for your smartphone. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, you have got lots of choices! In todays show, we will take a little time to discuss a few of them and how you can best integrate them into your work flow. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, these apps can be a big help!

The news on foreclosures (REOs) continues to be good. We will check in with the latest numbers to see how good.

An interesting article about some spring decorating projects you might want to consider. We will take a look and see if these suggestions will help or hurt when it comes to selling your home.

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Major Bank Foreclosures Opportunities Can Give You Extra Cash!

Major bank foreclosures from the country’s top banks present incredible opportunities. While you can buy bank foreclosures from many smaller lenders and banks, staying on the lookout for major bank foreclosures opportunities makes sense for plenty of reasons. First, bank foreclosures from major banks are very plentiful. Since larger banks give out many mortgages, they simply have many more loans defaulted and therefore get stuck with many bank foreclosure properties for sale. When you look for major bank foreclosures listings, then, you get lots of choice, which can often translate to big savings too. Since bank foreclosures are offered by large banks, or lenders who have lots of foreclosures and lots of money, in many cases, you can successfully buy major bank foreclosures for low-ball offers.

What Is the Secret of Major Bank Foreclosures?

The truth is, bank foreclosures from major banks are different from foreclosure options available from smaller lenders. That is because the large lenders have more money, more foreclosures, more mortgages offered, and more loans offered to high-risk bad-credit clients. Larger lenders have more bank foreclosures homes and so are more motivated to sell. Since they have more inventory, they may also be willing to offer their bank foreclosures for less. This means that whether you are an investor or home buyer, checking out major bank foreclosures opportunities is a great option if you are interested in distressed properties.

Plus, many larger lenders have separate departments or specialists that deal only with their bank foreclosures. That’s right: some major lenders have so many bank foreclosures that they hire special departments or experts to handle them. This can make finding major bank foreclosures easier for you, the buyer. It allows you to deal with a person or department who wants to sell bank foreclosures and is willing to listen to your offers – even if those offers are low. Some major banks even give all their bank foreclosures opportunities to one or two real estate brokers, so that simply by contacting that one broker, you can have access to the latest homes from a major lender.

How Can You Tell Good Major Bank Foreclosures Opportunities from Bad Ones?

Although major bank foreclosures are available in all styles, across the entire country and in every community, not all bank foreclosures are created equal. Some major bank foreclosures are homes that need more work than you may be willing to put in and some bank foreclosures simply have too many liabilities. It is your responsibility as a buyer to check out each of the bank foreclosures you are interested in to make sure that you are getting a quality buy. This does not have to be expensive or difficult – hire an inspector and assessor to look at the home for you and give you a sense of the home value and what work needs to be done.

There’s another way that you can easily tell the great major bank foreclosures opportunities from the duds: Foreclosure Data Foreclosure Data has all the tools, insider secrets, and even major bank foreclosures listings you need to make the most out of distressed properties across the country. Foreclosure Data lists hundreds of thousands of major bank foreclosure opportunities and other distressed homes and even allows you to get the help of foreclosure experts so that you can decipher the truth from the fiction when it comes to buying major bank foreclosures.

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