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Are mortgages really hard to get?

PLUS:  Debt forgiveness for a really small set of folks

We have got record low interest rates right now. There are some claiming that despite this fact, it is difficult for buyers to qualify for mortgages. I am not sure that this is true and in todays show, I am going to offer an alternative explanation for why we are seeing the discrepancy between loan origination and mortgages.

We will also discuss another program from some of the government sponsored entities – Fannie and Freddie – in which they are planning to provide loan forgiveness for some very specific borrowers who are delinquent on their mortgages. We will discuss the criteria in case any of my audience thinks they might qualify. We will also take a minute to discuss whether or not these kinds of programs make sense.

Finally, we will take some time out to discuss the things one public figure believes are the keys to achieving success.

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More Homes Coming, Or Less?

Same Statistics Generate Opposing Headlines!

One thing that always amazes me is how looking at the exact same studies can result in headlines from different news outlets that are the complete opposite of each other. We have just such a situation today. Of course, the first question to ask when faced with these kinds of contradictions is “Who benefits?”. In this case, it would likely come down to sites who have discovered that bad news sells and other sites that have a vested interest in news that makes the real estate industry look like things are just going great!

We will talk about that interesting little fact on todays show and review the data and try to come up with a less biased view of how this info would best be used by buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs.

There is also a great new tool from Google that will make it just that much easier for you to keep on top of your goals – even when you have to move them around your real life.

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11 Strategies to keep those resolutions going!

It’s time to start putting those goals into practice!

Welcome to 2016! We have spent some time talking about goals and what to expect next year. Now is the time to take that knowledge and implement our informed goals for the new year! We talked at length in the success series about creating goals and how to work through them. Today, we will talk about some strategies that anyone can use to help keep those goals progressing toward your ultimate goal!

These ideas will for for anyone – buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs can all benefit from taking their goals and moving them forward using the strategies we are talking about in todays show!

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The intangibles of success and being thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and thank you for listening!

Happy Thanksgiving! I like to take time out to reflect on what I am thankful for. Success does not exist in a vacuum. While you can take credit for having the determination to keep going when others would have quit, your plan only succeeds because the other things happening at the same time worked out as well – things completely outside your control. It is just healthy to be thankful and to acknowledge that. Given all that, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the intangibles of success. Not just the monetary success but the kind that results in happiness – and they are two different things!

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Goal Setting – Day 2 of the success series!

Just like building a house, the foundation is critical to success! You need to build your foundation on well considered goals! The process I am going to suggest is a little off the beaten path, but I think you end up with better results and a higher probability of settling on goals that you can actually stay motivated about!

Remember, I am always interested in hearing how a show has helped you. I would love to hear back from listeners about how these techniques have worked or not worked for you so that I can make improvements moving forward for everyone to benefit from. Have you created your goals? Do you already do it? Do you track them daily and update the status? If so, let me know what techniques work best for you to stay on track!

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