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What I Saw At CES 2017!

That’s right, the rebelbroker was at CES 2017 and I have the scoop!

ces 2017I have always wanted to attend a CES and in 2017, I got my chance! Today, I will run through the items I came across that will change our homes and in many cases make our properties more attractive to potential buyers! Some of these things are even at a price point that make them a real option for you to use today in your remodel or flip!

Home automation was a huge part of CES 2017 and just about every device you could think of was being added to that automation framework. Now, one of the big things that everyone seems to want to do is to integrate their automation technology with Alexa – allow users to now talk to their home to tell it what it wants them to do!

The Natufia home garden

Of course, I will run down all the items I came across that just might be something you want to include in your home, flip or remodel. In fact, I tried to make sure and offer some suggestions that you can get your hands on RIGHT NOW that will give you great functionality at a reasonable price!

Here is a video of the Fireside Audiovix I mentioned:

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Is Real Estate About To Get An Unexpected Bubble?

Plus, Something That Costs You More If You Rent

Real-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-80I came across a very interesting article today that discusses a possible bubble the real estate world will have to contend with. It is not a real estate bubble, but rather a non-real estate industry bubble that is shaping up to look a whole lot like something we have been through before! The good news is that this is not likely to hit real estate as hard as another real estate specific downturn, but it will absolutely cause a drop in home prices for some period of time – if it happens. We will discuss that today and see if it sounds like it might just happen.

Plus, home appraisals are still coming up short when compared to seller expectations. We will talk about how to deal with that.

Renters are paying more for car insurance, we will look into how much and whether nor not that makes sense.

All that cool technology you are considering putting into your home might just be spying on you. We will chat about that.

Freddie mac offers up some advice on how to protect yourself from fraud.

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