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Americas Hottest Real Estate Markets!

We are checking out and they cool hottest real estate markets tool!

hottest real estate marketsThat’s right, it’s time to check in with and see their rankings of the hottest real estate markets! We will review the top 10, but that is not all! This tool from has been improved and will let you drill right down to the county level to get a better idea of what is going on. So follow the link in the show notes to this amazing tool and get a handle on how your favorite communities ranked!

We will also take some time to check out the new Case Shiller data that shows us that home prices are officially back at or above their peak. We will consider if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

The consumer confidence numbers are out. Let’s see if folks are feeling better about things and also contrast that with other numbers we have covered over the last few weeks.

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20 Hottest Real Estate Markets – June 2016!


brexit-shutterstock2The numbers are in and the citizens of the United Kingdom has spoken, they WILL be exiting the European Union! This is a very big deal and it will be interesting to see what comes next! Now that someone has actually done it, you have to think it might embolden other nations that see the EU as more trouble than it is worth to take the same action themselves. Of course, I think there is also a chance that the other members of the EU will try to punish the UK for this action. However, self interest will eventually win over and the EU will realize that there is really nothing that they can do that will not ultimately hurt them at a time where they are not well equipped to take a hit.

We will also talk about this months top 20 hottest real estate markets. As always we will contrast this month with where these markets appeared on the list in previous months to see if we can spot any opportunities in the areas that have proven to be so hot with home shoppers.

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Top 20 Hottest Markets In May!

PLUS: Some Denver Real Estate Trends… sorta.

Once again, the good folks at have come up with their list of the hottest markets! Lets take a look and see what new communities have been added and how the order of the hottest metro areas might have changed. This is great data to get an idea of where buyers are shopping most – which can give us an idea of what areas are likely going to see an increase in sales in the near term.

We will also take some time to review an article that talks about some things sellers in Denver should keep in mind. Denver has consistently been on the hottest markets list over the last few months. While this article tries to share what it thinks are big things to keep in mind as a potential seller in Denver – I think it misses the mark a bit. We will discuss what they suggest and I will offer a few of my own refinements.

This weeks poll!

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Housing Starts Are Up – And Down.

When headlines are designed to deceive.

That’s right folks, in todays show we are looking at two different news items. One says housing starts are up and ones says housing starts are down. It is all about cherry picking how things are phrased and in this case, someone clearly wants to leave readers with the impression that things in the housing world are getting better.

The fact that this kind of thing is going on is informative in itself. After all, why misrepresent data unless there is something you are trying to convince people of that may not be true. Well, I will be your BS detector today and work to the that honest broker of information that you need and deserve! We will discuss the latest housing start numbers and figure out where folks are getting the number that is the deceptive one. Your likely to be stunned when you hear what they did to put as positive a spin on this number as possible!

We will also take some time to discuss the areas of the country where homes are selling the fastest and what buyers and sellers could learn from that information and how to make use of it!

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Top 20 Markets In April!

The top 20 numbers are out for April 2016!

Well, it is that time of the month again and we are going to take a look at the top 20 markets for April 2016! What is great about this list is that it is determined by the areas in which buyers are doing searches. The more searches, the higher that community is in the results! This means that we are getting information direction from buyers on what communities they are looking at the most! Given the tendency of buyers to start their home search online, this means that we can use this data to get the absolute earliest indication of where buyers are likely to be buying more in the coming months! As good buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs, that is the kind of information we need!

So today we will run down the list and cover in more detail what kind of wisdom we can extract from the list and pay particular attention to new communities on the list that might represent the greatest opportunities!

Todays poll question will be, of the new cities that appeared in our top market list today, which sounded the most interesting for investment?

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