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1Q 2017: Best markets for real estate investors

We explore the best and worst cities for real estate investors

real estate investorsWhere should real estate investors turn for the best returns? Today we try to get some insights to the question. We will also talk about the advances being made with the virtual escrow!

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Where are the Millennials hiding?

A PEW research study may have just found them

Amazing number of millennials living with parents – according to Pew.

Well, it looks like the new data shows exactly where millennials are living these days. Still at home! We have talked about this before. Many outlets have been shouting out to the masses that “The Millennials Are Coming!” when it comes to becoming buyers in the real estate market. For you longer time listeners, you know I was not buying that and have explained in several past shows why I did not believe that was the case. Well, the latest numbers show that Millennials are living with parents and relatives at levels we have not seen since 1880. Yeah, 1880, that is not a typo. To be more clear, more are living at home than at any other time in the last 130 years. Which is a pretty big deal.

What is important for us to understand is what motivates the millennial. If we want to provide a service they want to consume – a home for rent or a home to buy – we need to understand what they are wanting. This research reveals some interesting elements to this discussion that I had not considered before. So today, we will run down the data and see what we can learn that might just help us out as buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs when it comes to the millennials.

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What Really Makes Homes More Expensive?

You just might be shocked at the things that keep new homes expensive.

Today, we will review a more detailed look into what really boosts the cost of new homes. I know it frustrates me and I suspect it will frustrate you. This is particularly important since we face such an obvious and dramatic lack of affordable homes being built. Wait till you hear some of the major factors that guarantee that when homes are built, they will never be built for entry level buyers – and you won’t have the builders to blame!

We will also chat quickly about another interesting story in the self driving car saga.

Then, we will talk about basements. Now we don’t have many basements in California – but I know that plenty of you out there do have basements. We will discuss some top options for making them a big boost to the value of your home. While we will discuss the top 5 suggestions – I will offer a 6th suggestion of my own that could not only be a great way to start your real estate empire as a real estate investor or entrepreneur – but could also dramatically effect your monthly cashflow!

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Homes Are MORE Affordable?

Thats what the pros say anyway.

Sometimes, I read the news and it feels more like wish fulfillment than anything else. I ran across an article that celebrates the increased affordability of homes! Well,they sure don’t FEEL more affordable, do they? So we will take a look at this article and see if we can figure out how they are coming up with this conclusion. I tell ya what, things sure don’t feel more affordable now than they were late last year.

We will also take a look at the job numbers for April – spoiler alert – they are not all that good.

Check out yesterdays show notes for a poll on how to fix the home inventory problem.

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Veteran Buyers Are A Great Bet!

PLUS: Prices in the west are nuts.

Today we will take some time to look at a report that takes a closer look at veteran buyers. The bottom line is that sellers and agents should both be relieved and enthusiastic to get VA buyers! We will take a look at just a few of the reasons why this is true.

Just as we predicted, the luxury market has hit decline. We will review some of the numbers and see where that market is getting hit hardest.

Home prices in general are up across the country to the tune of 6.7%.

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