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Cities with the most job growth in 2017

More job growth in 2017 means more folks need a place to live!

job growthThe folks over at wallethub have come up with their list of ranking over 100 communities based on anticipated job growth in 2017. We will run down the top 10 and get calibrated to the prices and rents in those areas to see if any of them feel like a great place for that next – or even first – investment!

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Homes Are MORE Affordable?

Thats what the pros say anyway.

Sometimes, I read the news and it feels more like wish fulfillment than anything else. I ran across an article that celebrates the increased affordability of homes! Well,they sure don’t FEEL more affordable, do they? So we will take a look at this article and see if we can figure out how they are coming up with this conclusion. I tell ya what, things sure don’t feel more affordable now than they were late last year.

We will also take a look at the job numbers for April – spoiler alert – they are not all that good.

Check out yesterdays show notes for a poll on how to fix the home inventory problem.

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This Spring 5 Hottest Markets!

Great Options For Buyers and Investors!

Lets start off this new week with some new data! This time, it comes from the good folks over at Ten-X. Unlike some other info we have reviewed,these folks have also taken into consideration things like employment, growth and whether or not there is still room to grow. All great things to know whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur! We will cover the top 5 markets and get some info on what makes them to appealing, according to Ten-X. The great news is that this is exactly the information you look for when you are considering not only whether or not to invest in properties – but also when you are simply looking for communities that are likely to be a great destination to find employment and give yourself a higher standard of living than what you might be dealing with now! If you have listened to my show for the last few weeks, you know that there is plenty of bad news that folks are putting out about future expectations. One way to manage those concerns is to relocate to areas where you job is likely more secure. So check out this list and see if any of these places might just be a great location for you to secure your future!

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