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The Lease Option – what to worry about

3 Things folks at BiggerPockets say you should be aware of with the lease option

lease optionI am a fan of the lease option. It can be a great way to dodge the sellers market crush of buyers and get yourself into a property without having to come up with tons of money right up front. I like using it when I can and for many buyers out there, it is a great tool to know how to use. However, it does have a few items worth knowing about that could throw a wrench into the work. We are going to chat about those and how to be ready for them… if you can.

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This would KILL our market!

We look at a policy that has already killed one real estate market

Today we take a look at something that was implemented north of the border and has virtually destroyed one of the most vibrant real estate markets in all of Canada. What is most concerning is how preventable this was and how obvious it should have been that what has happened, would happen. We will explore how the same mind set in the United States can spell doom for our own market places.

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Should You Use Rent To Own To Buy A House?

Maybe, but it will work better if you do it yourself!

There is a new way to get yourself into home ownership. A company is offering a service where they purchase the home you want then rent it back to you for some agreed upon period. At the end of that period, you get to buy the home.

While this is a great idea, the concept of doing this yourself has been around forever! For those times when the seller simply cannot afford to rent to you and needs to completely cash out, this service might be good to use. However, there is a much better deal to be had if you can find the right landlord/seller and negotiate the same kind of arrangement yourself! But in that case, all the extra money you save is yours!

In todays news, we find that the Feds are going to require that the luxury market is so full of anonymous all cash buyers that are LLCs that they are gong to require the names of the officers of the LLC be revealed. Right now, they are focused on Miami and New York where apparently, a considerable number of the buyers in those luxury markets are in fact LLCs. So much so that there is a concern that this will pop a luxury market bubble in those areas!

Also, Zillow is reporting that lending rates are now below what they were before the fed raised interest rates. Good news for folks looking for amazing rates for that upcoming home purchase!

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