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Casual Real Estate Agent Lies…. again

Today we count the real estate agent lies.

real estate agent liesYou guys know I hate this stuff. The casual lies that folks in real estate are willing to tell just blow me away. Today, we are going to run through a letter I received today and how to spot the lies and how to handle them. I want all you real estate agents listening too! Consider this your “What not to do” lesson for the day. So tune in for real estate agent lies and what to do with them!

The lies real estate agents tell

Lets talk about the lies real estate agents tell If the feedback I got about yesterdays show is any indication, you guys REALLY want to talk about the lies real estate agents tell. Today, we will expand on that a bit. If you skipped yesterdays show since the title did not …

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Is this the biggest lie in real estate?

This is the image that started it all

The image is linked to the article that started it all!

So todays show started out with the idea of discussing some of the small deceits that get embraced in the world of real estate. I was planning on trying to point them out as a bad thing and help buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs be able to spot when they are faced with these deceits. I also was hoping I might reach agents who are embracing the idea of these casual deceits without really realizing it.

However, things kind of snowballed. You all know that I can go off into the weeds, but in this case – I set fire to the weeds. You see, this topic skirts dangerously close to the very reason why I started doing this show in the first place. Way back in 2007, it all started with an article I wrote about the biggest lies told by real estate agents. Sitting down and writing that article is what fueled my initial desire to do this show. Well, I got too close to that fire today and ended up going the full monty on what I consider to be one of the biggest lies of real estate. So tune in, sit back and enjoy not only what I think is one of the biggest lies in real estate, but what you can do to fight against it!

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