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Luxury Real Estate Market Is Heating Up!

Is it time for home flippers to focus on the luxury real estate market?

luxury real estate market

This is the chart to find the sweet spot when it comes to selling for the highest price in the shortest time

Interesting numbers have come out that show an increased demand in the luxury real estate market. According to the latest numbers, there has been a drop in luxury home sales with an increase in prices. Inventory on million dollar plus homes is down. Builders have started to move resources into more affordable housing and this might just spell opportunity for folks involved with fixing and flipping.

A more local view of the same data

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Veteran Buyers Are A Great Bet!

PLUS: Prices in the west are nuts.

Today we will take some time to look at a report that takes a closer look at veteran buyers. The bottom line is that sellers and agents should both be relieved and enthusiastic to get VA buyers! We will take a look at just a few of the reasons why this is true.

Just as we predicted, the luxury market has hit decline. We will review some of the numbers and see where that market is getting hit hardest.

Home prices in general are up across the country to the tune of 6.7%.

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States With The Best Economic Outlook!

PLUS: Luxury Markets Continue To Get Battered!

A new report has come out that ranks the competitiveness of all the states. It is using 15 different metrics to sort out which states present the greatest level of opportunity to its residents. We will check out the best and the worst on this list to see if we can’t find areas of opportunity that will feed the need for aspiring real estate investors, entrepreneurs or just buyers looking for a great state to build a successful career.

We will also take some time to review some new data that shows the decline in the luxury market is just picking up steam.

The latest lumber data is good news and might just point to an increase in new homes in the coming months!

We will also quickly review an article on the best ways to score a deal in real estate. But don’t get too excited, these are some pretty weak and/or obvious suggestions – with one exception!

Foreclosures have dropped to their pre-downturn levels!

A little bit more data on consumer confidence will dove tail interestingly with similar information we have covered in previous shows.

Home prices in San Francisco actually dropped!

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Home features that sell your home – or hold it back!

Plus: More hints at a softening high end

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400Of course, we have all heard the “location, location, location!” bit before. In todays show, we will talk about some hard numbers to back up that assertion, plus some others! We will look at the big winners in the real estate market based on things like what things are nearby, how big the home is, what price range it is in, what amenities the home has, what kind of view it has and what style the home is. You combine all that and you end up with a great new set of tools to use as a real estate buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur when it comes time to make the best investment or make choices that help preserve your homes value or even what items will likely make it easier for you to sell you home!

Plus we have some new information to add to what we already know about the recent declines in the luxury market. Time will tell if this becomes a trend that trickles down, but we are already seeing a general slowing and this is just another bit of data to help us get a bigger picture.

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The luxury market is softening. What can we learn from that?

Could that softening extend to the rest of the market?

The luxury market is now in decline. We are going to check into why and see if there is anything todays buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs can learn from this change in the numbers for the luxury real estate market.

Will these changes in the luxury market have any effect on mainstream real estate? Will it represent an opportunity to those that want to dabble in the high end? Maybe this is a sign of a more general trend that will effect all real estate! Check in with todays show for a chat on what we can learn from this latest information!

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