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How to avoid real estate issues that could cost you THOUSANDS!

Bad things happen, lets talk about how to avoid them

There really is no escaping the reality that you need to protect yourself when buying real estate. In todays show, I will discuss some real estate horror stories that could have been prevented with the right strategies. All buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs need to know how to best protect themselves from real estate issues. All across the country, disclosure requirements vary. What you need are ways to protect yourself no matter what those disclosure laws might be. What is truly important is doing everything you can to avoid getting yourself into a situation that would cost you time, money and sanity to resolve. There is good news tho. In the vast majority of cases, a few simple steps can dramatically reduce the chances of these things happening to you. So sit down and take a listen to what I can share about how to avoid the horror stories in todays show!


Fans of Real Estate Realities can now find the show on Tunein! So if you prefer to consume your podcasts using tunein – Real Estate Realities is there for you! Find it here!


This is more of a coming soon announcement. I was contacted last week and asked to submit my show to Google Play. Apparently, the whole “Google Play” and podcasts thing is still getting worked out. I just wanted to let all of my listeners know that whenever it gets going, Real Estate Realities will be on board!


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