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Existing home sales jump in January!

Existing home sales may be up, but the reason is up for debate

home salesExisting home sales took a big jump in January, but I am going to offer an alternate explanation than what the press seems convinced of. Plus, we can also talk about mortgage applications – since that is one way to tell the future a little bit in terms of sales over the next month or so.

All cash deals have increased. We will discuss that a bit. We will also review some investment advice I gave out back when all the talk was about the Olympics and the opportunities presented by that.

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Make money with your home, without moving out!

Plus: Mortgage applications drop

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400When it comes to trying to make ends meet, there can be times when you need to start thinking about things you already have that you can use to supplement your income. You have tons of value contained in your home, but how can you turn that into cash without moving out? Well, in todays show we are going to explore some options you might want to consider if you need to make more money each month. Some of these suggestions might seem a little inconvenient or difficult, but some of them are a great pay off for very little inconvenience!

We will also take a few minutes to discuss the latest information on the decline in recent mortgage applications.

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Freddie Macs 2016 Real Estate Market Predictions!

Lets talk about what Freddie Mac expects in 2016!

As one of the big players in lending and a government sponsored entity, it is always interesting to hear what Freddie Mac is expecting in 2016. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, it is always good to at least take a listen to what these folks are expecting.

In todays show we will discuss these predictions and see how they jive with what we have been seeing in the market. We will also introduce some interesting data regarding mortgage originations and existing home sales to see if they shed any more light on the issues that Freddie Mac is talking about in their projections.


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