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Buying vacant land – what to think about

When buying vacant land, due diligence is the key!

buying vacant landUSNews published an article recently about the most important Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to buying vacant land. We are going to run down that list and expand on what they have to say. In fact, we will even completely disagree with one of their points and suggest a path for success.

We are also going to quickly discuss the disconnect we are currently seeing between what sellers believe their home to be worth and what appraisers are saying. Then we chat about mortgage rates and we will break down what you should be thinking about as we try to anticipate changes in the mortgage rates before they happen.

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25 Cities with the biggest rent increases!

This could help you find the your next investment

cmaboughtNew data was just released showing the top 25 cities in terms of rent increase from the second quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2016.

This is a great place to start when you are beginning your search for the right market to invest in. But like most data, you need to consider a bit more information before you commit to making an investment. We will run down the list of cities and talk about what you need to be thinking about when deciding which of these communities might make the most sense for you to invest in.

We will also review an interesting story about recent mortgage rate changes that have caused a stir. I think that the reaction to this news is far more revealing than the increase itself. Take a listen and see if you agree!

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2016 Best Staycation Cities

PLUS: Interest Rates and Plunging Production

The good folks over at wallethub have come out with their list of great cities for a staycation. Don’t let that title fool you tho, that basically means that these are cities that have lots of great things available to residents. Well, if you are looking for a great investment, don’t you want it somewhere that folks want to be? So for us, the real estate rebels, we can look at this list and use it to help guide us toward investments that are nearest to the best things that the city has to offer.

We will also talk about some depressing production numbers and what interest rates have been doing this week.

We will also take some time to talk about the results from last weeks poll.

This weeks poll!

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Talking About Rates

PLUS: The employment revolution

houseingbubble-investwithalexWe will be hitting several topics today. We will take a minute to explore a little more about the relationship between 10 year treasuries and mortgage rates. I like to explore opposing viewpoints, so I will include an articles in todays show notes that kind of does that.

More programs that are designed to create buyers are being celebrated in the media. I am still not sure why there is so much emphasis on feeding this upward house price trend with these tactics – but today we will explore one possibility. If we focused the effort on creating more homes, they problem would solve itself!

We will also get an update on the march of automation into the working world. It is on its way and faster than any of the pundits think it is. I believe it is a revolution that is going to have some very lasting effects to the employment landscape that could be very scary. Of course, anything that messes with employment messes with real estate.

Then we will touch on yet another story that seems to insist on treating millennials as some kind of different beast.

This weeks poll!

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The FED blinks. No rate hike!

There is a certain pleasure in being able to say ‘I told you so’. I usually try to just internally give myself a pat on the back in those cases, but I had SO many people tell me that I was completely wrong about what the FED was going to do with interest rates, I kinda could not resist pointing it out.

So what do we do now? If the rates are not going to go up now, when will they? How should this effect buyers sellers and investors? We will cover it all in todays show!

Here are a few links for you to check out:

HousingWires Article

WSJ Article


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