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Let’s Talk About For Sale By Owner Strategies

Can doing a “For Sale By Owner” work for you?

for sale by ownerThere is a pretty standard line that you will get from real estate agents when you suggest that you want to sell your home as a “For Sale By Owner“. Most of what they will say is true to one degree or another, but depending on market conditions and your expertise, you can sell your home by yourself. Today we will talk about an article I found where one agent talks about the “myths” of selling a home yourself and see how they stack up to a little analysis.

More news on negative interest rates. We won’t spend much time talking about it, but I will be linking to a good article on the subject that will give you some good background.

Regulators are clearing the way for autonomous cars – that is cars with NO human driver in them! As we discussed in a previous show, the push is on the fast track these automated cars and the latest news from the folks in Washington back that up.

Also, vacancy rates are at virtually zero in many communities. We are going to talk about that and see if we can make it work for us.

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Subprime Lending.. again…really?

PLUS: A Financial Bubble You Won’t Believe

More news on lending and how we are clearly moving back into a subprime lending world. We have talked about this before, but all the pundits have apparently gotten their marching orders. Nobody is talking about how completely crazy these new lending ideas are. In fact, they are going out and trying to convince everyone of how wonderful all these bad old policies are. The trouble is that they don’t seem to really remember what got us in trouble (They do, but they want to act like this is somehow different). We will review their argument and point out where they just completely get it all wrong – which they do – alot.

We will also chat a bit about an international version of subprime lending that is 10 times bigger than the subprime bubble from just under a decade ago. This one is nuts and when mixed with our lending practices with homes seems to indicate that things could be an order of magnitude worse this time around.

So it is not a good news Monday – but at least its honest!

This weeks poll!

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More Signs of Recession?

Plus: What if we do get negative interest rates?

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400We have already heard some pundits talking about an upcoming recession. Today, we are going to talk about another major player in international economic affairs and see why they are predicting a 30% chance of recession within the year. However, is it possible that we are already IN a recession? Some numbers seem to indicate that we are.

We are seeing a boost in home building, which is good. What happens to that if we do head into a recession?

Inventory shortages have also caused a drop in recent sales.

We will also discuss how embracing negative interest rates would be the exact wrong thing to do at a time when so many are concerned about a recession.

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Debt, Delinquency and Negative Interest Rates

Plus, Is Recession Already Here?

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400In todays show we are going to explore what is going on with debt. All kinds of debt. What states show the greatest debt in different areas? Which areas have had the highest delinquency rates? For some buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs, these trends can help them find opportunities where there are more properties to be found at better prices.

Today, there are many areas hard hit by the dip in the energy sector or the increase in the value of the dollar. We will talk about those areas and consider them as potential areas to explore since their stalled expansion has resulted in a surplus of real estate options.

There is also a new 3% loan which carries no mortgage insurance, but eventually ends up in the hands of a government sponsored entity – in other words the tax payer assumes the risk.

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Should We Be Afraid Of Digital Mortgages?

Plus, Will 50+ Buyers And Sellers Be Changing The Real Estate Landscape?

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400The future is here in the form of digital mortgages. The question is not whether or not we should have digital mortgages, they are here and they will remain a part of the real estate landscape. The real question is, what new potential pitfalls with digital mortgages introduce? All new innovations bring with them growing pains and digital mortgages are no exception. With any luck, their popularity will grow at a pace that allows us to easily deal with any issues or problems along the way. But if not, what kinds of challenges might we face?

We will also spend some time talking about the change in how folks over 50 are managing their debt. The latest numbers show them taking on much more debt than in the past. While at the same time, younger borrowers have taken on less. This is a pretty big reversal of the usual trend and most likely spells an interesting change in the kinds of buyers and sellers we are likely to see in the coming years.

30 year fixed rates are now at ridiculously low levels.

Finally, we will take a minute to discuss the interesting evolution of how negative interest rates are being covered in the press.


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