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New normal for new home sales?

Is this drop in new home sales just a blip or the new normal?

new home salesInteresting news relating to new home sales today. We saw a HUGE drop in volume in the latest months data. What is also interesting is the other associated data like total inventory of new homes and the average price. Could this be the pivot point in our market?


Multigenerational Homes and Investing!

A great strategy for investing in multigenerational homes We have talked about multigenerational living before. It is a growing trend. In fact, it is growing so popular that ignoring could cost you tons of money in your real estate investments. We are going to talk about strategies to enhance your real …

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New Home Sales Skyrocket!

But is it all good news?

The latest numbers for new home sales in July have been released and they are pretty amazing. Today we will take some time to try and put those numbers into perspective. What does this increase mean for the overall market? Are these homes still being built at the high end? Are we seeing construction at a level that will finally meet demand?

All that and more covered on todays show! Plus, we will take a few minutes out to reveal the 10 friendliest cities in the United States!

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Let’s Talk About New Home Sales!

Plus: Are Interest Rates Headed Lower?

aReal-Estate-Realities-Podcast-Logo-9-1400Some interesting numbers have come in for January regarding new home sales. Not only that, we are seeing some interesting trends in the affordability of new homes. Could this be the beginning of a building trend that could eventually deal with our low inventory problem? We can also take a few minutes to see about those inventory numbers – national numbers are showing that we may be on the other side of a peak.

Plus, we will also talk about some interesting news that might just mean that lending rates are likely to go even lower!

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New home sales crash hard!

The experts called this one wrong by a mile!

The seasonally adjusted data for new home sales is out and it is not pretty! The experts missed it by a mile and the data paints a very different picture of the market from what the popular media keeps indicating. Lets look at these numbers and a few others to see which way the wind is blowing. Every buyer, seller,investor or real estate entrepreneur needs to know which way things are trending and this one is a biggie! In fact, the data is even more telling by how off all the pundits have been. We will also explore some of the bizarre data showing the drop in demand while prices go up!


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