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Attacks on your property rights

As a property owner, beware the communities that want to infringe on your property rights

property rightsI am a big fan of property rights. It should be ridiculously hard for any government to take your property and infringe on your use of that land in any way. Don’t for a minute think that this sort of thing is limited to eminent domain – as we will see, there are communities where governments will try to control your land without even going to the trouble of exercising eminent domain.

On todays show we are going to look at a couple of amazing stories of property owners and investors who are being forced to fight for their property rights in the face of governments that want to decide for them what can and cannot be done with their land. For you investors, knowing the communities where the cities are most likely to control or dictate your investment could save you a whole lot of heartache!

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Donald Trump and Eminent Domain

For my long time listeners, you know how I feel about eminent domain. In todays show, we will get a bit of a refresher course on what eminent domain is. What it is used for and how it is abused. Everyone from buyers, sellers, investors and entrepreneurs should care about eminent domain. It is easy to try and take comfort in the idea that the odds are that it won’t happen to you, but an injustice allowed to one of us is an injustice committed against all of us.

What makes this topic even more relevant today is that there is one presidential candidate that has made his feelings on eminent domain very clear. So we will also explore Donald Trumps involvement with eminent domain. How he has praised its use and made use of it to remake the world more to his hearts desire.

Don’t miss this one, it’s a goodie.


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