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Is investing in a condo a good idea?

Investing in a condo might not be the best way to go

investing in a condoThe folks at biggerpockets published an article about the downsides of investing in a condo. We are going to review those, plus expand that list with some of the rebelbrokers experiences in the area. Does this mean you should never invest in a condo? No, but as a guy who owns an investment condo, you REALLY need to do your homework. A poor choice or not enough due diligence in this scenario can cast you more than you can imagine.

We will also take a few minutes to chat about peak rent and how the increase in available apartments could impact your property for rent, no matter what type it is.

Finally, we will also cover another article that makes an interesting point about housing costs.

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2017 Highest Yielding SFR Rental Markets!

Which rental markets made rental investors the most?

rental marketsThe good folks over at have released their list of the SFR rental markets by their yield. This is a great number to check because they are also focusing on investors yields in the first year after the investment.

Even more interesting are the worst performing metro areas – which might just shock some of you!

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Which Home Improvements Give The Best Return (ROI)?

Plus, Some Tactics On Picking The Right Ones!

When you are considering a home renovation, one of your big concerns is likely to be what kind of return you can expect on the money you spend for the improvement. Today, we will review a number of different improvements and how much of a return they tend to generate.

So when you buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs are out there shopping or deciding what changes to make, what the odds are that those changes will work to your advantage! Of course, we will also discuss some of the worst remodels to take on when it comes to your return on investment.

In the most recent news, we will again check in on what the media is saying about the recent poor stock market performance. Many are anticipating a recession!

Rents are up again in the San Francisco Bay, by around 10%!

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Is a rental bubble about to pop?!

Some interesting murmurs in the real estate media have been describing a real estate “Rental Bubble”. So what the heck is a real estate rental bubble and is it something we should worry about? If there is a bubble, what is causing it? What kinds of changes in rents can we expect in the near future as a result? We will discuss what the talking heads seem to think, then we will discuss why they are right or completely wrong!
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How to Budget for Your Rental

When searching for a place to rent, planning a monthly budget can be challenging. Review these tips to help you find a balance between spending and saving.
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