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Features for Baby Boomers That Make You Money!

Increase the value of your property with features baby boomers will love

baby boomersWhile millennials have tended to take center stage in terms of who will be the biggest buying group – we need to keep in mind the baby boomers.

Baby boomers continue to be a growing segment of the buying community and in some areas they dominate the market. Knowing the features that will attract the baby boomer buyers will help you market to this growing demographic. However, do you need to do this at the expense of how much millennials will be drawn to your property? In todays show, we are going to look at how we can absolutely appeal to baby boomers without losing ANY of our appeal to other potential buyers. In fact, some of the suggestions in todays show will improve the desirability of your property across the board – if you do it right!

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The Death Of The Starter Home?

PLUS: Updates on some past stories

$8,000 Home Buyers CreditWhether we blame supply and demand or just a change in the goals of buyers, the starter home seems to be making an exit.

Construction has not been filling the “Starter Home” need for a long time. Prices have been pushing buyers into waiting longer and longer to purchase a home. All of this has conspired to make buyers adapt – and they have.

When buyers are looking to buy a home now, they are simply skipping the idea of the starter home. They are making purchases with the idea of staying in the home for a decade at least – more than double the usual turnover for homes over the past 60 years!

I cannot find anyone discussing how this is going to effect the market, but rest assured, this kind of change is going to fundamentally disrupt how things work in the real estate world. Nobody is calibrated to a new business model where buyers and sellers only tend to be active every 10 years. So, lets talk about how buyers, sellers and investors need to be ready for this new dynamic in the real estate market.

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Consumer Confidence

Talking about how folks feel about real estate

Fannie Mae has released its Home Purchase Sentiment Index for April. We will take a look at how peoples viewpoints on real estate have changed and compare that to last months results – and see where folks are compared to the same time last year.

The report is a bit mixed in its results but gives us some ideas in terms of how sellers might just be getting more cozy with the idea of listing their home for sale. Of course, any increases to inventory would be a welcome change, but what will it take for home owners to take the plunge and become home sellers? There are some theories that fit the numbers we are seeing and we will discuss those on todays show.

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Is This All The Gen X’rs Fault?

PLUS: Landlords Beware The Accusation Of Discrimination!

Some interesting research has come out that might just shed some light on the low inventory we have been seeing. At the center of the case being made is that the Gen X folks are not doing what typically happens. Since their natural home progression was interrupted by the downturn, they are not selling their homes to upgrade to bigger homes as past generations have. The idea is kind of interesting and definitely worth taking a closer look at.

The fine folks over at Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have written up a paper in which they assert that landlords would be in violation of the Fair Housing Act in cases where they do not rent to a tenant because of their criminal history. It is exactly the kind of bureaucratic over reach that we should all be aware of by now. The point is to basically attempt to extrapolate any action into something that relates to race or some other protected category which then give the government the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your property. Oh, and of course you are guilty till proven innocent on this one, so there is that going for you.

We will also take a look at current interest rates – we are seeing them hovering at a 3 year low!

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What is the best day of the week to list your home?

Is there a magical day of the week to list your home?

Some interesting data got shared today about what the best day of the week to list your home is. So lets take a little time to talk about what the most common day is to list a house and what day it should be. I know that everyone wants a magic bullet, and sometimes we can get close with a practice that tends to work more often than others. However, nothing will ever beat going just a little bit deeper and deciding on a course of action that is supported by what you understand about your local market and the home you are trying to sell. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur, thinking about things a little more deeply is usually the fastest route to better results!


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