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More evidence of a coming debt bubble?

Could another debt bubble bring a real estate downturn?

debt bubbleA very interesting look at stats relating to consumer confidence and real wage growth. It could be a sign that the public in general is really more confident than they should be. The big question is, could this lead to a debt bubble that threatens the overall economy and real estate?

There is also some interesting news on what graduates and students think is going to happen with their student loans – a big part of what just might be creating a debt bubble.

The latest numbers on the GDP are disappointing.

Luxury real estate is taking a big hit – we called it.

Home prices have reached new heights in many areas.

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Are Loans Killing Our Real Estate Market?

Tons of debt is forcing many to delay real estate goals.

We have spent some time talking about the changing make up of the buying public. One of the areas that is feeding this change is the ever increasing amount of debt that graduates are saddled with after completing college.

In fact, graduates today are saddled with over 3 times MORE debt today than folks who graduated just 10 years ago! This can mean a huge change to when these folks decide to make their real estate purchases. We will also relate this topic to previous stories we have covered that attempt to examine what keeps millenials sitting on the side lines when it comes to real estate.

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