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The Reliability Of Zillow Zestimates

PLUS: Questions buyers are likely to ask

Zillow announced on Wednesday that they are improving the accuracy of their Zestimate tool. Today, we will take some time to discuss those improvements and how much credit you should give them. In fact, we will take it a step further and talk about how to use zillow and its zestimate as a tool for selling your own home. How should you handle things when zillows zestimate is way below what you plan to sell your home for? All that and more in todays show.

We will also discuss an article that came out revealing what they believe are the top questions are buyers want to know the answers too. We will discuss that and some of the standard disclosure we use here in California.

This weeks poll!

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Sell your home for thousands more with Zillows tool?

Zillows new tool claims it can boost your sales price!

Zillow has a new tool and it claims to be able to help you sell your home faster and for lots more money! It is designed to pinpoint the right month for you to list your home so that it will sell for the highest amount! We will discuss some of the fundamental ideas behind this tool and how much faith you should put in what it is telling you. It is also interesting to hear what some agents are saying about the tool.

As I have always said, data is good! So this can at least be one more piece of data that you can use to make the very best decision possible when it comes to crafting the strategy you are going to use when trying to sell your home.

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Zillows List of The HOTTEST Housing Markets For 2016!

Zillow has a good track record when it comes to predicting future prices!

Over the past few years, Zillow has been a pretty consistently right predictor of up and coming hot real estate markets. What buyer, seller, investor or real estate entrepreneur does not want to know which markets are going to grow the most over the next year? Well Zillow has released their list and we are going to check it out and see what they predict. Not only may you find a community you want to invest in, but we will talk about what makes these areas interesting so that you can apply the same logic to areas you like to figure out where you can expect the best return in your area of interest!

We will also talk about concerns relating to the big banks and loans they have made to the energy sector. This could have an effect on the stability of lots of smaller banks.

Home builder confidence numbers are out and things have remained flat – particularly when it comes to single family residential housing.

We will also take some time to talk about something buyers seem excited about that just might help you make that property without much yard a very desirable option for buyers with kids!


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Housing Inventory Predictions for 2016!

Another prognosticator warms up his crystal ball about 2016!

As we work our way through the last few days of 2015 it just makes good sense to take a look at what the fortune tellers are telling us to expect for 2016.

In todays show, we are going to focus on inventory. We will take a few minutes to explore what inventory did over the last year, then we will see what our latest fortune teller has to say about inventory in 2016. Of course, because it is what we do here, we will then talk about how this might effect buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs.

As a bonus for todays show, we are also going to talk a little bit about a great tool that might just make it easier for you to calculate your closing costs!

Make sure to check out the extended show notes at for links to take you to all the articles and tools mentioned in todays show!

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Bowing to real estate agents, Zillow pauses new advertising strategy –

Bowing to real estate agents, Zillow pauses new advertising strategy
A search engine advertising strategy newly tested by Zillow has raised the hackles of some real estate agents, spurring the listing portal to promptly suspend the experiment. The advertising technique involves placing Zillow ads in front of Google

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