About Real Estate Realities


Yes, that is me screaming in the background.

Real Estate Realities started in January of 2007. If I am being honest, it was conceived as a way for me to vent my deep frustration with how the world of real estate works. In the beginning, I was only known as The RebelBroker. I did not use my real name or promote my business as a real estate broker in California in any way. I wanted to keep it “Pure” was what I told myself. I think the truth is that the anonymity was kind of warm and cozy. I was saying things that really annoyed other people in real estate and I may have been a little too much of a chicken in the beginning to own those opinions in my own name. Ultimately, I tossed away the anonymity and I have never looked back since!

I have come to see the show not as a way for me to vent, but as a way for me to make a difference in peoples lives. Instead of sharing real estate insights with one client at a time, I can share them with anyone willing to listen! The show has become my passion and a place where I can share my thoughts on all things related to real estate and also offer insights into the area of overcoming obstacles and achieving success. The show is a natural extension of my fundamental aspiration of helping people achieve their goals.

I am very thankful for those that have chosen to make Real Estate Realities a part of their lives. My greatest hope is that everyone who listens to the show, or uses any of the other materials I provide then takes that knowledge and does something amazing with it!

Several listeners have reached out to see if I can help them buy or sell their next property. I am happy to help you reach your real estate goals! Just use the form below to contact me and lets start the process of making your real estate dreams come true!

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