Secrets To Understanding This Expected 2020 Home Value Growth!

Zillow is confident home prices will accelerate as we move into the 2020 home buying season!

Zillow sees a lot of home price growth in 2020

While the rate of growth of home prices has slowed, Zillows latest take on the market indicates that with low inventory and increasing demand, we are likely going to see the home buying market heat up substantially. We have seen other sources that show we should expect to see home prices getting more inflated by a low inventory in a variety of markets across the country. Another aspect of this story is that within it, Zillow shares a few great tools for getting a birds eye view of numbers relating to average price, inventory and average rent. All great bits of information for anyone considering making a move in the real estate market at any time. Even more relevant is that with a market set to heat up – according to Zillow – in 2020, all home buyers, sellers, investors and real estate entrepreneurs should be getting all the insights they can into how this market is going to shape up. It could be an amazing opportunity for the right market choices. We will talk about how this information can help you make better decisions, no matter what level of interest you might have. We will also examine the numbers of a few metro areas and explore how the numbers relate to one another for you to spot better opportunities! Links:
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