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Let’s Talk About For Sale By Owner Strategies

Can doing a “For Sale By Owner” work for you?

for sale by ownerThere is a pretty standard line that you will get from real estate agents when you suggest that you want to sell your home as a “For Sale By Owner“. Most of what they will say is true to one degree or another, but depending on market conditions and your expertise, you can sell your home by yourself. Today we will talk about an article I found where one agent talks about the “myths” of selling a home yourself and see how they stack up to a little analysis.

More news on negative interest rates. We won’t spend much time talking about it, but I will be linking to a good article on the subject that will give you some good background.

Regulators are clearing the way for autonomous cars – that is cars with NO human driver in them! As we discussed in a previous show, the push is on the fast track these automated cars and the latest news from the folks in Washington back that up.

Also, vacancy rates are at virtually zero in many communities. We are going to talk about that and see if we can make it work for us.

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